Plantarray's advanced sensing device and complementary software enable the determination of whole-plant physiological traits for an extensive range of plants. It facilitates the isolation of plants that have increased potential for durability/survivability, stress resilience, growth patterns, yield, response to soil salinity, and drought or flooding. It also helps determine the preferred irrigation and fertigation management that will provide high yield under given ambient conditions.

Objective, Accurate, and Continuous Data Collection

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Data is collected simultaneously for all plants in a greenhouse; even if each plant has its own pre-defined treatment. The Plantarray predictive system automatically monitors the water and nutrition program of each plant, ensuring precise comparison between treatments as well as complex scenarios that could not be achieved via manual operation. The system enables the simple application and accurate maintenance of complex experiments by supporting:

  • The application of several different treatments simultaneously for each plant in the array
  • Easy change of treatments
  • The maintenance of soil conditions of each pot including soil-water content, salinity, and tested chemicals or bio-stimulants concentration in the growing media

Plantarray’s software includes an analytics interface that converts the data collected by the hardware to quantitative plant physiological traits (QTPs). The user-friendly software is based on interactive screens that present plots of many axes and histograms for the examined variables in a print-ready format. Data extraction for further use and interpretation is also available.


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Plant-DiTech provides innovative plant-environment deep diagnostic tools that bring scientists, breeders and agro-business to new discoveries and better yields in different environments while shortening R&D and time to market. 

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