The root’s role in water uptake is essential; however, as they are below the surface, it is very challenging to continuously monitor them - especially by non-invasive methods.

By using soil-embedded sensors, Plantarray enables the quantitative evaluation of the spatial and temporal soil water flux to the plant roots. The use of different pot sizes that are filled with different growing media enables the quantification of the root distribution and functioning of different plants under a specific treatment. The use of custom made nylon nets in the pot with different pore sizes (mesh) reflects the root penetration ability.

The momentary balance between the plant's soil water influx and outflux (transpiration) provides the canopy relative water content (RWC) and its variation among the different studied plants and treatment conditions. The plant’s RWC is considered as a comparison benchmark the plant stress status.


root penetration

Key benefits of using Plant-DiTech's solution:

  • Non-invasive measurement of root water influxes to identify the best performing roots
  • Provides the draught and/or salinity critical point for plant performance
  • Provides the whole plant Relative-Water-Content (RWC) as a comparison benchmark for the plant stress status
  • Qualitative estimation of root-soil penetration ability (via different pore size mesh)


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