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Plant-DiTech provides agro-researchers with an easy to use, high-throughput plant growth experimental and phenotyping platform, as well as real-time diagnostic software tools to efficiently find the right plants, traits and materials which contribute to better yields and stress response

First in Functional Phenotyping

Plant-DiTech simultaneously controls and measures a large array of plants via feedback irrigation techniques and multiple precise sensors. The system monitors functional growth and productivity parameters from each plant under different abiotic and soil conditions. The big data is transformed into valuable knowledge to better predict yields and speed up the discovery of new plant mechanisms, growth enhancers and tolerant plants


Discover how using Plantarray will power your research in characterizing the dynamic plants response to different ambient conditions (GXE interaction) in variety of applications

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About Plant Ditech

Plant-DiTech provides innovative plant physiology diagnostic tools that bring scientists, breeders and Agro-business to new discoveries and better yields in different environments, while shortening R&D time to market. The company’s vision is to help researchers and agro companies find the right plants, traits and materials concentration which contribute to better plants yields and stress resistance.

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